The Red Imported Fire Ant, as its name implies, is imported. It found its way to Pensacola in the ‘30s from Brazil, South America. Since then, it has spread throughout our sunny state.

Did you know fire ants bite as well as sting? They will bite your skin and “hold on” while injecting venom through their stinger. They swarm on top of their nest if disturbed and attack any animal within range. If you happen to be the unfortunate one, they’ll have your legs covered by the time you feel the first sting! If you’re hypersensitive to insect bites this can be life threatening! Small children and pets who don’t know the danger of fire ants are very susceptible.

We now have relief for these unwanted guests-TopChoice®. TopChoice® is a granular product with the same ingredient found in Frontline Flea Treatments and Termidor for Termites. It relies on the foraging behavior and voracious appetite of fire ants. It is so effective we can provide a one year guarantee on properties treated with TopChoice®.

It’s time to take your lawn back from these persistent insects and enjoy the yard again. Call Florida Pest Control for a free survey. A professional will evaluate your property and provide a written guarantee against fire ants.