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  • Do Mosquitoes Really Ever Go Away?

    Even though you may not see them as often as in the summer, mosquitoes are always there. Try not to let your guard down and keep an eye out for them all year long, especially here in Florida where winter is warm.

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  • The Insects of Christmas

    Most people enjoy the aroma of a fresh cut evergreen tree in their home to decorate for Christmas. We find the perfect spot, bring out the ornaments and the fun begins; never paying any mind to the critters that may crawl out of that well lighted, beautiful tree in the corner. Two of the most common creepy crawlers found are aphids.

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  • Autumn…At Last!

    We all can agree that Autumn is a great time of the year and the changing of colors is a sight to behold. There is one drawback though…the leaves must fall to the ground and this could cause some problems for your roof gutters.

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  • Head Lice and the New School Year

    Tips to avoid the hassle and cost of head lice infestations.

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  • Brown Recluse Spider, Probably Not!!

    Did you know there are no brown recluse populations in Florida? Still, there have been an overwhelming number of reported brown recluse spider bites in the last decade.

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  • Black Flies

    They’re known by several names like, turkey gnats, buffalo gnats and they’ve been called a few other names that won’t be repeated here! Black flies are rather small, ranging from 1/8”-1/4” in length. The thorax, which is the middle section of the body, is hump-shaped. Hence the name buffalo gnat. It ranges in color from black to gray to yellow.

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  • The Twolined Spittlebug

    With Florida’s mild temperatures and abundant rainfall, life is spawning everywhere, especially when it comes to plants and insects. For example, when conditions are favorable you may notice an invasion of small black insects in your lawn which are about 1/4 inch long with two red lines across their backs. These invaders are called Spittlebugs.

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