They’re in the air – they’re swarming! Subterranean Termites leave their colony (referred to as swarming) in the Spring to begin another colony. Unfortunately, they don’t all leave! A good portion stays to continue the colony. The result is two colonies! This is all well and good as long as they stay out in Nature and live off the forest. In our area, colony size can reach 1,000,000 termites and there can be as many as 13 colonies per acre! They become a pest when they feed on our homes.

Since they feed on wood from the inside out, their damage can be extensive by the time they’re discovered!

Why wait until you have termites to do something about it? Why not treat preventively. It can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills. An often overlooked hassle of repairing termite damage is the inconvenience and disruption caused to your household and your routine!

Protecting your home against Subterranean Termites on a preventive basis is much cheaper than a curative basis. Click here for a free survey and estimate.