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Premium Green Service

  • This service is Green Shield certified through the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Institute of North America, Inc.
  • Non-chemical measures, such as caulking and exclusion, are used to prevent pest intrusion and eliminate pest hiding places.
  • Protects public health and the environment by effectively controlling pests and reducing the use of pesticides.
  • Requires customer involvement and action to remedy pest conditions.
  • Services are performed by highly skilled and specially trained technicians.
  • Control products are used as a last resort, only when non-chemical measures are not adequate.

Green ShieldThe world is constantly changing and so are people’s mindsets. Society has become more aware of its impact on the environment and is taking steps to reduce this impact. From cleaner energy sources to hybrid cars, we are striving to be “greener”. Pest control is no exception. In the pest control industry, there are various shades of green. Could green be defined as using natural products? Could green be the method of application? At Florida Pest Control, we researched to find what green truly means and discovered the IPM Institute of North America, Inc. It is a non-profit organization formed in 1998 whose goal is to foster the use of IPM (integrated pest management) in communities and agriculture. Through their stringent certification guidelines and specifications, Florida Pest Control developed the ‘Premium Green’ Green Shield certified service. This service may be used to control household pests in both businesses and residential settings. We realize that sometimes “it’s not easy being green”, but we’re here to help! Contact us now to join us in preserving our environment.