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Pro Star Mosquito Program 

  • Treatments are directed to daytime mosquito resting areas associated with the structure.
  • Trained technicians inspect the property and provide recommendations for mosquito prevention.
  • The program can be performed as needed or on a quarterly basis.
  • Treatments reduce the number of adult mosquitoes around the structure.

Some say the state bird of Florida should be the mosquito!  These pests come out in huge numbers, especially during the summer months. Their bites are irritating and also dangerous!  Mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. To help protect yourself and your family, Florida Pest Control has developed our Pro Star Mosquito program. Skilled technicians will inspect your property for potential mosquito breeding areas. In conjunction with this inspection, they will also provide recommendations of what you can do to reduce the mosquito pressure around your home. Treatment of mosquito resting areas associated with the structure will also be performed, thereby reducing the adult population of mosquitoes in that vicinity. Contact us to schedule a Pro Star mosquito program inspection today.