bed bug adultIf you’re planning a vacation, you’ve probably considered what you’re going to pack, or what your itinerary might look like, but have you thought about bed bugs? These tiny insects can come back home with you as an unwanted souvenir.

Here are some tips to help you avoid bringing bed bugs home.

  • Before you leave
    • Check reviews of your hotel in websites like Bed Bug registry to see if your hotel has had a recent bug infestation. Keep in mind infestations are taken care of immediately so you won’t need to cancel your reservation.
    • Call and ask if your hotel uses bed bug mattress and box spring encasements. If so, you know they are taking a proactive approach to prevent bed bug infestations at their establishment.

  • During your stay
    • Check your hotel room before bringing your belongings in. You should check for any sign of bed bugs including: small dried blood spots on the mattress, any light brown colored shed skins and, of course, live bed bugs themselves.
    • Inspect cracks and crevices in the room such as behind headboards, in drawers, in upholstered furniture, where the carpet meets the wall, in closets and behind pictures.
    • If you notice any sign of bed bugs, ask the manager for a room change. Make sure the new room is not adjacent to or below/above the old room. Bed bugs can hitchhike - and if the infestation is spreading, it typically does so in the surrounding rooms.
    • Do not put your luggage on the bed. Instead place it on the luggage stand or on a tile floor - like in the bathroom.
    • Do not unpack or place your belongings in the drawers; instead keep them in your luggage.

  • When you return
    • Inspect your luggage outside before bringing it into the house - particularly around zippers and folds.
    • For added peace of mind, you can wash and dry all your clothes - even the ones you didn’t use - on the hot cycle to ensure bed bugs aren’t brought into your closet.
    • Keep your eyes open and continue to check your home after vacation for any sign of bed bugs. Sometimes it takes longer to notice bed bugs because they’re great at hiding.
    • If you are still uneasy about bed bugs possibly being in your home, we have a special inspection program to determine the presence or absence of bed bugs.

Although these tips seem like a lot of effort, it will pay off when you arrive home bed bug free.

If you have any questions or suspect a bed bug problem in your home contact Florida Pest Control today.