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Commercial Disinfection Service

What is a “disinfection” service? A disinfection service is another type of pest control. In this case, the pests are microscopic and called pathogens. This group consists of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.) that can cause disease. We often refer to them as germs.

Germs are all around us, and sometimes, due to the environment, are more active during certain times of the year. Think about the annual “flu season” which occurs when the air becomes cooler and dry. Other times, germs are introduced (spread) to an area by infected people or contaminated items (surfaces, food, etc.).

A disinfection service acts to reduce the quantity of germs on surfaces in a treated area. This temporarily removes one avenue that pathogens can be spread to people.

This disinfection service is only for commercial structures (businesses, schools, municipalities, restaurants, etc.) and commercial vehicles (rental cars, buses, etc.).

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