autumn in florida

Summer has given Florida month after month of exhausting heat and abundant rainfall this year, especially this past August. Most Floridians would agree it’s time for a refreshing change. Well, hang in there…a change is coming. Autumn is almost here. As the temperatures drop, it’s a great time to enjoy Florida’s fall landscape.

A person once jokingly said, “We do have fall colors in Florida…Poison Ivy! It turns a beautiful red color in the fall.” The truth is, Florida does have some wonderful fall colors. There are several Florida wildflowers that bloom this time of the year. If you like purple colors, look for flowers such as Florida Blazingstar, Florida Paintbrush, and Deertongue. For yellows, look for Yellowtop, Goldenrod, and Golden Aster. All these can be seen in fields and forests throughout the state.

For the more traditional fall colors, you may want to visit the bluffs and ravines of Torreya State Park in Liberty County, Florida. You will see several of the same hardwood trees found in the Appalachian Mountains. These hardwoods provide the finest display of fall colors found in Florida. Imagine that…and you don’t even have to leave the state!

While you’re outside enjoying the beautiful fall weather, remember to keep an eye on your lawn. Cooler temperatures can promote lawn diseases. Also, as we approach cold winter temperatures, your lawn may begin to change color naturally as it goes dormant. Before this occurs, you will notice you don’t have to mow your yard as often. When you are mowing your lawn during this slower growth period, raise your mower height to the highest level. This will promote deeper root growth and provide better cold protection for the turf’s roots during the winter.

Those colorful leaves we spoke of earlier will eventually drop from the trees. Make sure you keep them off your lawn, as they can block the sunlight and moisture the turf receives, as well as trap cold air when chilly winter temperatures arrive. Those leaves can also end up blocking your gutters. We have a program to keep you off the ladder and alleviate that headache!

All in all, most Floridians can’t wait for fall. Take some time to enjoy these beautiful fall days ahead of us. It won’t be long till it’s summer again!

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