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Shrub Fertilization & Tree Services

  • Shrub DamageCustomized to meet your needs and budget.
  • Control of tree and shrub pests.
  • Shrub fertilization.
  • Environmentally friendly horticultural oil treatments available.
  • Spanish moss and Ball moss control.
  • Services performed by skilled technicians.

At Florida Pest Control, we understand the importance of proper landscape plant care. There’s nothing quite like the smell of confederate jasmine blooms, the shade provided by a live oak tree or the tropical scene created by sago palms. We provide a variety of services for most landscape plants: Our Three Seasons Premium Shrub Program, insect and disease control, shrub fertilization, horticultural oil applications, moss control, etc. Contact us to customize a program for your landscape today.

Three Seasons Premium Shrub Program:

Confused about which products to use on your shrubs? Let us take the guesswork out for you with our Three Seasons Premium Shrub Program. The program consists of services performed during the spring, summer and fall, when your shrubs need them the most. Along with products applied for insect and mite control, fertilizer applications are included, as well. Your shrubs are going to love this! See the Flyer

Asian Cycad Scale on Sago PalmInsect and Disease Control: 

  • Aphids
  • Whiteflies
  • Mealy bugs
  • Thrips

Shrub Fertilization:

Similar to other living things, plants need nutrients. Are your shrubs getting what they need to flourish? We can apply a premium grade, specially formulated fertilizer to your shrubs which will assist in maintaining their health and vitality.

Oil Applications:

Horticultural oil has been used for centuries to control certain shrub pests, such as aphids, mites and scales. It not only controls pests, but enhances the healthy appearance of the plants it is applied to. This service may be performed as needed or as part of our scheduled program. The seasonal oil program consists of two applications in the Spring and two in the Fall.

Moss Control: 

MossA classic image of the Southern landscape is Spanish moss draping from the limbs of a live oak tree. Although this may add to the charm of a property, there is a downside to having trees heavily laden with moss. Live moss acts like a sponge absorbing moisture, which increases its weight. If a branch becomes too weighed down by moss –you guessed it – the branch will break! Not only could the weight of moss damage a tree, it physically blocks out sunlight that trees need to grow. In addition, pests such as roaches and rodents may use moss as a harborage area! Moss will be dead between 8 to 12 weeks after treatment. It will gradually disintegrate and disappear over the course of 12 months or more. See the Flyer