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Affordable Fumigation Services

Structural and Small Item Fumigation

Key Benefits with Our Fumigation Management Plan:

  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.
  • Residential fumigation, including apartment complexes.
  • Commercial fumigation, including office buildings and manuafacturing facilities.
  • Ship and railcar fumigation.
  • Vehicles, boats, and trailers.
  • Furniture and other items.
  • Grain silos and warehouses.

We provide structural fumigations to eliminate Drywood termites, Powderpost beetles, Old House borers and other pests. This process generally involves completely enclosing and sealing the structure with a nylon fumigation tent and maintaining a lethal concentration of the selected fumigant gas during the exposure period. All of our fumigations are performed by State Certified Pest Control Operators knowledgeable in the category of fumigation.

In addition, we offer fumigations to eliminate pests in furniture, wood and other items where fumigation of the entire structure is not necessary. Contact us today to schedule your “no obligation” fumigation inspection.