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Florida Pest Control brings over 70 years of experience, innovative solutions, and a passion for providing quality pest control services.

Florida Pest Control - Serving Central FL, Northern FL and the Panhandle for 75 years

Florida Pest Control Experts

Keeping You Pest-Free Since 1949

Serving Central FL, Northern FL and the Panhandle

Our customized pest management solutions focus on monitoring, prevention, and maintenance—so you can live, work, learn, and play pest-free*.

Choose Pest-FREE Living with Florida Pest Control

At Florida Pest Control, we know that pest problems in your home or business can be distressing and dangerous. Proudly serving as the pest control leader in Florida for more than 70 years, our goal is to provide you with 100% peace of mind by protecting your home or business from unwanted pests.

Founded in 1949, Florida Pest Control has protected homes and businesses across the state with innovative technology and customized pest management solutions — centered around ongoing prevention, removal, and exclusion.

When it comes to living and working pest-FREE, the best choice is Florida Pest Control.

Choose to be Pest-FREE At Home

With over 70 years of Florida Pest Control experience, we’ve learned that pests are active every season and your home needs year-round protection. Your home may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and our exterminators are committed to delivering innovative pest solutions to help you protect your home.

We protect homes across Florida with our innovative technology and customized pest management solutions, using ongoing prevention, removal, monitoring, and exclusion. Our highly trained, state-certified, and licensed pest control specialists come armed with extensive knowledge of Florida’s unique pest challenges. We understand what you’re dealing with because your local community is our community.

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Pest Control For Your Business

Florida Pest Control provides comprehensive commercial pest control solutions for both single-site and multi-site businesses across the state of Florida. From manufacturing facilities and restaurants to warehouses and office buildings, Florida Pest Control has the experience and knowledge to protect your business and your customers from pests.

With the support of our parent enterprise, Rentokil, the world’s largest commercial pest control company, we boast the best of all worlds with our innovative technology, local knowledge, and proven track record.

Not every commercial property is the same when it comes to their pest control needs. Our commercial pest experts will work with you to create a custom plan to keep you pest-free*.
Florida Pest Control has decades of experience working with businesses and industrial sites of all sizes to keep their properties, operational environments, and staff safe from the health and safety risks that potential pest infestation outbreaks could bring. Discover how we can keep your school, shop, or hotel pest-free*.
Florida Pest Control works proactively with businesses in the food sector to help prevent infestations, deal with outbreaks, stop further contamination, and mitigate the risk of future pest infestations. We control risks from pests in compliance with industry best practices, food standards, and food legislation to keep your facility, store, or restaurant safe.
As a leading expert in local area pest control, Florida Pest has the expertise to deliver the highest level of reassurance against pests, while being sensitive to the special needs of working in a healthcare environment. We know that your patients come first, and in primary healthcare, the risks of cross-contamination are acute. Discover how we could help keep your hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities pest-free*.

Florida Pest Control Reviews

I have been a customer for over 20 years and always receive great service. My specialist Jerry is courteous and reliable and always responds promptly to any issues I may have around my home!

– Dr. Gil Brodach

Our Family Serving Yours for Over 70 Years

Florida Pest Control Serving Central FL, Northern FL and the Panhandle

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