Yellow banded millipede in Florida - Florida Pest Control

Types of Millipedes in Florida

Almost like clockwork (depending on environmental conditions), millipedes migrate in large numbers and become quite a nuisance for many homeowners during this time of year.
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Norway rat in Florida - Florida Pest Control

Pests on the Rise in Florida This Winter

Pests can run rampant year-round here in Florida. Unlike regions with seasonal weather that renders many pest infestations nonexistent in the wintertime, we are accustomed
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Rat in Florida home - Florida Pest Control

The Dangers of House Mice and Rats [2021 Update]

Even if you love visiting Mickey and Minnie in Orlando, odds are you’re not too keen on the idea of mice or rats sharing your
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Florida lawn in the fall - Florida Pest Control

4 Fall Lawn Care Tips

Compared to most of the country, Florida experiences relatively mild fall and winter temperatures. Nonetheless, it’s important to learn how to ensure your lawn survives
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Silverfish in Florida home - Florida Pest Control

Noticing Silverfish In Your House?

Some insects could seemingly care less whether or not people see them. Others, like silverfish, make every effort to avoid the limelight. In fact, you
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Spiders are a common bathroom bug in Florida - Florida Pest Control

Common Bathroom Bugs & How to Get Rid of Them

Bugs in the bathroom are never a welcome sight. You want your bathroom to be your own sanctuary—and, preferably, a bug-free zone! Unfortunately, pests of
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