Should You Be Worried About Dengue Fever in Florida with Florida Pest Control in FL

Should You Be Worried About Dengue Fever in Florida?

Recently, the buzz around Dengue fever has grown, especially with the disease’s creeping presence into the United States. For those in feeling uneasy about Dengue
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Commercial Warehouse Pest Control with Florida Pest Control in FL

What Are Some Common Pests Found In Warehouses?

The large layouts of warehouse properties offer pests a wide selection of corners, cracks, drains, and other locations for hiding, feeding, and breeding. The open
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Man with headache in florida

Malaria in America: How Wary of Mosquitoes Should Floridians Be?

Florida’s enchanting landscapes, warm climate, and abundant water sources are what many residents and visitors cherish. However, amidst the beauty, a hidden threat looms the
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hand touches bermuda grass - learn how to care for warm weather grass in florida

How to Properly Care for Warm Season Grass in Florida

Warm season grasses are a popular choice for lawns in Florida. These turf grasses thrive in the region’s hot and humid climate. The deep root
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Person scratching mosquito bites

What You Need to Know About the Malaria Outbreak in Florida

On June 26, 2023, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a health advisory for residents of Florida and Texas. Within the last
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Rat on a piece of wood in the attic

How Do Rats Get Inside The Attic?

Discovering unwanted visitors in your attic can be an unsettling experience for any homeowner. Among the numerous pests that may invade our homes, rats hold
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