a wasp pulling its stinger out of a human arm
Bees, Wasps, and Hornets, Oh My! – Preparing for Stinging Insect Season
Most people look forward to the return of summer each year. They cannot wait to spend time enjoying the outdoors and the many activities Florida
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A child itching their leg with mosquitos swarming around them.
Mosquito Control: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do
Mosquitoes are a problem every Floridian knows about due to the year-round warm and humid climate. While professional exterminators are the best solution to your
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a mosquito on the rim of a pot outdoors
Mosquito Season is Here: How to Get Ready
Temperatures in Florida stay warm enough, especially in central and southern Florida, that mosquitoes always have the ideal conditions to thrive. It is always a
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A swarm of termites in Florida
Avoiding Spring Insect Swarms
The warmth and humidity of spring in Florida draws many species of insects out of their winter habitats to feed and reproduce. Some of these
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Core Aeration is Essential for Lawns in Florida
We may not be in the clear regarding cold temperatures, but it never hurts to plan ahead when preparing your lawn for springtime. An important
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ants on house floor
TAP Out with Pest Control Insulation
Pest control in is an ongoing process. You might already know some of the helpful habits that can help deter any unwelcome guests from infesting
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