dirt mounds in an otherwise healthy lawn hint at a possible lawn pest infestation

Tips to Prevent Florida Lawn Pests

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Lawn Pests (in Florida) Lawn pests are notorious here in Florida. From chewing grass to leaving behind dirt mounds, these
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A Beginner’s Guide to Florida Lawn Care

Feel lost when it comes to Florida lawn care? No need to worry! Even in Florida’s hot and humid climate, it doesn’t need to be
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Wasp nest hanging in eaves

Fall Pests That May End Up in Your Home

If you’ve noticed an increase in insects in and around your home in the fall, it’s not your imagination and it’s not just you. It’s
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Chinch bug damage in grass

Watch Out for Florida Chinch Bugs

Here in the Florida summer, chinch bug infestations are a commonly occurring problem. These insects tear through our lush turf grasses and leave them a
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How to Get Rid of Ants Infesting Your Bathroom

All kinds of ant species run rampant in Florida. Our hot and humid climate allows for many varieties of ants to proliferate and thrive, building
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Servicing a yard in Florida - Florida Pest Control

10 Tips to Help You Pest-Proof Your Backyard

Spring and summer are cherished seasons for the sunshine and warmth that they bring, but there’s no harder time to avoid pest problems than during
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