Bug bites in Florida - Florida Pest Control

Ouch! Something’s Biting Me!

Ever have the feeling something is crawling on your skin or even biting you, but you can’t see it? Sometimes this sensation may be due
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Fire Ants: Florida’s Red Menace

Fire Ants in Florida: What to Know

Fire ants, often called “red imported fire ants” originate from Brazil but were introduced to the United States around 1940. Since then, they have spread
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Grubs are a common summer lawn pest in Florida lawns - Florida Pest Control

4 Tips to Prevent Summer Lawn Pests

Here in Florida, maintaining a healthy and lush lawn doesn’t come without its troubles. With our climate, it can be difficult to keep a lawn
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Coronavirus FAQ for Residential Customers

As a business, Florida Pest Control is committed to protecting people, therefore we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation and providing informative
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Pest Control is an Essential Business

Dear Valued Customers, As communities around North America band together to determine the best course of action to stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), I
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Winter Cold and Frost Damage

It seems that winter is almost over! In the past, some parts of Florida have experienced freezing temperatures well into April. So, there’s still plenty
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