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Lawn Care Services

Your solution for a healthy and thriving lawn.

Florida’s Most Trusted Lawn Care Services

Florida Pest Control provides comprehensive services for all of your pest control and lawn care needs. Because we are able to expertly perform so many household services, you can call one company instead of five! We offer pest control treatments and inspections, termite protection, wildlife removal, lawn care services, and maintenance.

Lawn Care Experts in Florida

Taking good care of a lawn requires more than simply mowing it every now and then, which is why Florida Pest Control is proud to offer a variety of lawn care services and maintenance options for homeowners and businesses throughout the Florida area. In order to have a healthy, green lawn, we believe in implementing regular applications of lawn fertilization, moss control, lawn insect control, weed control, and more to get your lawn looking its very best. We believe so highly in our lawn care services that we guarantee them! Our team knows how important it is to maintain a healthy, green lawn—our lawn care specialists will work with you to customize a plan suited to the unique needs of your Florida yard.

Customized Lawn Care to Meet Your Needs and Budget

From fertilization and aeration to insect, weed and disease control, Florida Pest Control can design a program that works for your lawn.

Year-Round Lawn Care & Maintenance

Florida Pest Control believes the key to exceptional lawn care services is regular, attentive maintenance to keep it healthy and prevent diseases or pests year-round. With our experts, you can be sure your Florida lawn is taken care of properly. We use only environmentally-conscious products and methods, and follow your county’s ordinances.

Our Lawn program is a customized, all-inclusive treatment guaranteed to keep your yard beautiful, healthy, and enjoyable year-round. The program consists of regularly scheduled, custom-blended applications to your specific shrubs and lawn needs

Our Lawn Care Program Includes:

  • FERTILIZER: turf nourishment using a carefully-chosen, environmentally-responsible treatment
  • INSECT SUPPRESSION: pest control for damaging insects such as chinch bugs, mole crickets, armyworms, and sod webworms
  • BROADLEAF WEED SUPPRESSION: targeted reduction of existing weeds and prevention of new weeds forming
  • DISEASE SUPPRESSION: diagnose and treat existing conditions and minimize the likelihood of future lawn disease

Benefits of lawn care with Florida Pest Control

  • Provide year-round protection
  • Reinforce protection with best-in-class chemistries
  • Initial First Service
  • Ongoing maintenance visits Every Other Month
  • Convenient, Monthly payment options
  • Protection from pest weeds, fungus & insects
  • Improve nutrition and aesthetics of turf
  • Satisfaction Guarantee enables property visits as needed between the scheduled services

Lawn Insect Control

Florida is home to a number of insects and other pests that love to infest lawns. Because of the favorable weather conditions, pests can survive through the winter in Florida, making it all the more important to receive year-long lawn insect control.

Some of the common insects and pests you may find in your lawn include:

Lawn Care FAQs

Lawn aeration is the process of removing small chunks of soil under your lawn to create holes that allow in oxygen, water, and nutrients. This especially helps lawns with compact soil get access to necessities. It’s important to consult a professional about aeration, because over-aerating or aerating in the wrong season can damage your lawn.

Your lawn’s water intake needs to be just right—overwatering can lead to diseases and fungi, but underwatering will cause your lawn to dry out and possibly become overrun with insects. Irrigation systems are the best way to ensure that your yard is receiving a regulated and properly distributed amount of water. Consult a lawn care expert for an assessment of your lawn!

Here in Florida, it seems like we can never catch a break from weeds popping up in our yards. In our climate, the best way to minimize weed growth in your lawn is to make sure that your lawn growth is as thick and full as possible. Ask a lawn care professional what the best approach is for your lawn!

There might be multiple reasons for patches of brown grass appearing in your lawn, including:

  • Fungal disease
  • Grub damage
  • Underwatering
  • Dog urine, and more

If you can’t identify the reason for your lawn decay, hire a lawn maintenance expert for an assessment.

Achieve Your Best Lawn with Florida Pest Control

If you use our Lawn Care Program, we will advise you to take the best possible care of your lawn between our visits. We want our customers to have all of the tools and resources to properly maintain a healthy lawn year-round. If you’re confused about when to water, how to deal with brown spots, or how high to mow your grass, you’re not alone. Let Florida Pest Control help give you the lush, beautiful lawn of your dreams!

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