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Florida is home to hundreds of spider species, although only a few are venomous. While most spiders are harmless and live outdoors, many people cannot bear the thought of them. While they do not spread disease and are actually considered beneficial in keeping other insect populations down, spiders are considered a nuisance pest in homes and businesses. At Florida Pest Control, we understand why spiders are so feared and will work hard to keep them out of your property year-round.

Spider Removal for YOUR HOME

When you are dealing with spiders in your home, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional spider exterminator. Although most house spiders are harmless, they can become a nuisance when they are neverending. At Florida Pest Control, we will work hard to make your home less attractive to spiders in the first place, keeping them out for good.

Keep Spiders Away From Your Home

Our warm, humid Florida climate attracts hundreds of spider species to your property year-round, making it important to enlist the help of the spider experts at Florida Pest Control. We will take the following steps to keep your home spider-free:

  • Our specialists will inspect your property to identify the source of the infestation and any contributing factors.
  • We will apply spider control products and help exclude spiders from your property.
  • We will provide ongoing spider control and after-care prevention tips to avoid future infestations.

Spider Extermination for YOUR BUSINESS

Spider infestations in any business can be a nuisance and difficult to put an end to. The presence of spiders and their webs can upset staff and scare away potential customers. Florida Pest Control understands the habits of each spider species and will provide a wide variety of solutions to control spider infestations in your business.

For long-lasting spider control in your Florida business, our team of expert specialists will work with you to keep them away for good.

When it comes to commercial pest control, it’s crucial to work with an exterminator who has real-life experience treating spiders on a large scale. We are your local experts in commercial spider extermination.

Florida is home to four widow spiders, including the venomous black widow spider. Our spider experts will safeguard your business against dangerous spiders.

We know the importance of discretion when it comes to commercial pest control. When you have a spider problem, we can accommodate services at the day and time that works best for you.

For more than 70 years, we have been Florida’s leaders in spider extermination services. We have the expertise and specialized treatment solutions to control current infestations as well as prevent future ones.

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Spider Exterminators – Control – Removal Serving Central FL, Northern FL and the Panhandle

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