How to get rid of spiders in Florida - Florida Pest ControlEven though most of the spiders living in Florida are harmless, it’s easy to see why spiders as a whole are so feared. Beyond the false assumption that so many of them are dangerous, spiders are sneaky, strange-looking, and can reproduce in large numbers. If you are finding webs all over your property or suspect that a spider you’ve found inside your home is dangerous, it’s time to reach out to Florida Pest Control.

Our spider exterminators know how to get rid of spiders swiftly and exhaustively using safe and professional techniques.

Looking for a Spider Infestation

When you’re dealing with a spider infestation inside your home or business in Florida, it’s important to look for its cause so you can avoid spiders going forward. These are some of the vulnerabilities we look for in our spider inspections:

  • Spider webs: They might not look like what you expect them to—some spider webs are funnel-shaped or compacted like a wasp nest.
  • Excess moisture: Spiders are attracted to damp areas because they often serve as the breeding grounds for insects they like to eat.
  • Burrows and cracks around your home: Some spiders burrow for shelter, but all of them look for secluded spaces to hide away in.
  • Other pest infestations: If you’re dealing with ants, flies, or other small insects, spiders may be taking advantage of a food source and infesting your home as a consequence.

How to Repel Spiders Naturally

If you’re looking to learn how to get rid of spiders naturally, you might find some advice for DIY spider control online, but the best way to maintain a spider-free home or business safely is to work with your local spider exterminators. At Florida Pest Control, we use this process to keep out spiders:

  1. A complete property inspection
  2. Identification of the active spiders and the reasons for their presence
  3. Creation of a spider control plan tailored to your infestation and property
  4. Implementation of baits, traps, or other spider control products, prioritizing non-toxic methods
  5. Further visits and advice as necessary to keep your home spider-free

How to Keep Spiders Away

If you need pest control for spiders today, contact your local pest control company. Florida Pest Control is proud to have served the state of Florida for over 70 years, steadily refining our processes to deliver a guaranteed-effective spider removal service. We will take down your current infestation and help you prevent future ones. To learn more or receive a free quote, contact us today!

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