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The large layouts of warehouse properties offer pests a wide selection of corners, cracks, drains, and other locations for hiding, feeding, and breeding. The open doors and loading docks easily invite pests in, and the constant shipments can transport new inhabitants of pests. With all the moving pieces of warehouse function, it can be easy to overlook an emerging infestation.

If you work in, manage, or own a commercial manufacturing facility warehouse, it’s essential to be aware of which pests could cause issues for you and your facility. Here are some of the most common pests found in warehouses and the problems they may cause:


Potential problems: Cockroaches are potential vectors for bacteria, such as E. coli and Salmonella. Further, these pests leave pungent odors and unsightly spots on floors, walls, and equipment. Cockroaches live and thrive in the materials found in warehouses, including wood and cardboard boxes. They will usually come into warehouses or businesses via shipments and deliveries. Cockroaches can be difficult to find as they live in dark cracks and crevices. Unfortunately, this means that large populations can develop before they are noticed. 


Potential problems: High ceilings, rafters, and open beams make attractive nesting and perching spots for birds. Besides unsettling and distracting swooping and chirping, birds pose danger with their unsanitary droppings. These droppings can contaminate whatever it touches, including products and equipment. These droppings carry pathogens that cause numerous diseases. It’s important to consider that some bird species are protected and must be controlled and removed with those regulations in mind. 


Potential problems: Rodents, such as rats and mice, can enter warehouses through cracks and holes the size of a quarter or dime, depending on exactly which rodent you’re dealing with. Rodents can reproduce at high rates, establishing large infestations over a short period. These infestations should be addressed quickly as rodents can cause several diseases and leave behind unhygienic droppings that contaminate products, and equipment. Droppings also threaten the safety and health of workers, visitors, and customers. Further, rodents are prone to gnawing, which can damage electrical systems, packaging, products, equipment, and structures. 


Potential problems: Flies can infiltrate your warehouse through open doors, windows, cracks, and other openings. Beyond being a nuisance, flies can carry pathogens that can cause disease and help spread foodborne illnesses. Flies are known to be difficult to eliminate as small fly larvae can develop and thrive in warehouse floor drains, as well as in trash and recycling bins. This is especially the case in areas with warmer weather, leading to summer months causing large fly infestations. 


Potential problems: Nuisance wildlife pests, like raccoons, squirrels, bats, and other small animals, often seek the warmth and shelter of warehouse properties. In addition to these animals disturbing workers and visitors, wildlife can leave behind unsafe droppings. They can also damage structures and property, as well as your business reputation. Wild animals can be aggressive when they feel threatened, so hiring a professional may be the best course of action.

Warehouse Pest Control Experts!

It’s vital to keep in mind that the presence of pests may violate compliance and regulatory standards in certain industries. Florida Pest Control is aware of the importance of warehouse standards and has expert knowledge in locating and removing all types of warehouse pests. Florida Pest Control offers effective, specific, and fast solutions to your needs. Our warehouse pest control solutions strive to cause minimal disruption to your operations, plus proactive prevention and monitoring strategies to help deter new problems from starting. Contacts us today to get a free estimate, and take pests out of your inventory.

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