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What Type of Fertilizer Should I Use For My Lawn?

When it comes to lawn fertilizer, there is no universal formula that works for all lawns. You should consider what type of grass you have, your soil type, the time of year, and other factors. That said, while you shop for a fertilizer product, look at these components:

  • Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) ratio: Fertilizers are typically labeled with three numbers representing the ratio of these primary nutrients. For most lawns, a balanced fertilizer with an equal or close to equal ratio, such as 10-10-10 or 20-20-20, can be a good choice.
  • Slow-release or controlled-release fertilizer: These types of fertilizers gradually release nutrients over time, providing a steady supply to the grass. Slow-release fertilizers are often preferred as they promote even growth and reduce the risk of nutrient runoff.
  • Season-specific formulations: Some fertilizers are formulated specifically for certain seasons, such as spring or fall. These formulations usually contain additional nutrients and ingredients to address the specific needs of the grass during those times.
What Type Of Fertilizer Should I Use For My Lawn in Gainesville FL

Can I Make My Own Lawn Fertilizer?

While there are plenty of DIY lawn fertilizer recipes available online, not all are effective – and some can cause more harm than good. High concentrations of specific compounds could burn your grass and lead to long-term health issues. For that reason, it’s best to consult a lawn care professional to determine the best formula for your property. They will examine all sorts of factors such as rainfall, sun exposure, grass type, and weather when selecting a fertilizer for your turf. 

How Often Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

Generally speaking, you should try to fertilize your lawn between two and four times each year. Nevertheless, factors like the climate and the type of grass you have can influence how often you should apply fertilizer. As a general rule of thumb, it’s advisable to allow at least six weeks between each treatment, and be sure to apply it at least six weeks prior to the first frost. Applying treatments too closely in time can lead to chemical burns on your turf. And if you apply too close to freezing temperatures, your grass won’t have ample time to enjoy the benefits before the weather changes.

Having trouble deciding which fertilizer to use on your lawn? Have questions about how frequently your lawn needs a treatment? The experts at Florida Pest Control can help! Our trained technicians are well-versed in local environmental factors that can influence your turf, and we use our expertise to devise custom plans that will make your grass look lush and green all year round. 

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