Throughout the world, people celebrate relationships and love. We have wedding anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, for example. For some insects and spiders, having that special someone is probably not going to be a reason for a party. In fact, if they do find that certain lady, they probably won’t be around much longer. No, these guys don’t run away from their brides to be. Instead, you could say they are the special guest at a dinner party for one. Yes, after finding an irresistible mate, the male is eaten by his sweetheart. There are two main groups that come to mind that are known for this behavior – Widow spiders and Praying mantids. It is believed that by devouring their mate, the females’ offspring will have a better chance of thriving. With this being said, I think we all can agree that we are lucky to not be spiders or insects and that a box of chocolates or a nice candle-lit dinner for two will suffice.

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