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When Should Mosquito Treatment Start in Florida?

To effectively protect against mosquitoes, it’s advisable to initiate preventive treatments before the onset of mosquito season. Nevertheless, you can arrange for mosquito control measures anytime. Barrier applications are effective whether set up before or during the season. Opting for professional mosquito management services in early spring is the optimal strategy for avoiding mosquito infestations.

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When is Mosquito Season in Florida?

The commencement of mosquito season varies across regions, primarily due to temperature fluctuations. Mosquito eggs require temperatures of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit to hatch, triggering the beginning of mosquito season with increased breeding. In Florida, the mosquito season typically kicks off in early March, marking a crucial time to prepare for the upcoming peak periods in summer and extending into fall.

When Do I Need Mosquito Treatment?

Delaying mosquito treatment until the problem escalates can lead to difficulties in controlling an established mosquito population. To effectively prevent mosquito infestations, it’s wise to begin treatments towards the end of winter. Starting treatments early can significantly reduce the likelihood of a severe mosquito outbreak later in the year.

What Time of Day Do You Spray For Mosquitoes?

Mosquito activity peaks during dusk and dawn, which are their prime feeding and breeding times. To maximize the effectiveness of mosquito treatments, it’s best to apply barrier sprays during the cooler early morning hours or just as the evening sets in. A professional mosquito control expert can assist in determining the most effective times and methods for applying treatments to your property.

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