Opossums living in Florida - Florida Pest ControlHaving wildlife living in your yard, or worse, your walls, can be a stressful and frightening experience. Especially in the months before the temperatures start to drop, we all have to take precautions to ensure that our homes aren’t overrun with uninvited animals. If you’re looking for help keeping wildlife off of your property, look no further than the wildlife exclusion experts at Florida Pest Control. Our wildlife exclusion service includes inspection, removal, and prevention—the perfect package to remove wildlife pests from your property and keep them out for good!

What is Wildlife Exclusion?

In our eyes, wildlife exclusion is the complete process of removing all wildlife from a property and ensuring that they won’t come back. This endeavor could entail the use of many strategies, including wildlife netting, trapping, baiting, and more. The techniques used vary depending on the animals involved—we will remove all of these kinds of wildlife in Florida:

The Benefits of Wildlife Exclusion Services

Hiring a pest control company for a wildlife exclusion service comes with a few different benefits. However, there are a few ways to attempt to keep wildlife out on your own, such as:

  1. Using sealable trash bins
  2. Placing screens on doors and windows
  3. Checking around your home for cracks or gaps in the siding, walls, roof, and foundation
  4. Tidying up your yard

Although you can be plenty preventative on your own, controlling active wildlife in your yard or your walls is a different story. Many animals here in Florida are able to bite or transmit serious diseases, so you should never try to remove them on your own. The wildlife netting and trapping services that we offer at Florida Pest Control can take the stress of dealing with further damage or a growing infestation off of your hands. We will also help you identify vulnerabilities that could lead to future infestations, so you can breathe easy knowing that you won’t have to deal with wildlife any longer.

Professional Wildlife Exclusion & Netting in Florida

Waiting too long to take action against the wildlife living on your property will only lead to more damage and risk. Tell your local pest control company about your problem right away. At Florida Pest Control, our wildlife specialists leave no stone unturned—all active wildlife and all potential problems will be dealt with. Contact our team today for a free quote!

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