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How to get rid of rats

Having rats in your house is one of the most feared pest problems here in Florida. Once the temperatures start to drop as we head into winter, rodent problems become more prevalent than ever as all sorts of local invaders make their way into our homes. While best practices vary by case, here are some of the best ways to get rid of rats yourself:

  • Eliminate hiding places by decluttering
  • Take out trash and use sealable bins
  • Clean out your pipes and drains
  • Set traps or bait
How to get rid of rats in Florida; Florida Pest Control Rodent Exterminators

Why Do Rats Live in our homes?

During the harsher temperatures and feeding conditions of winter, all sorts of rodents look to our homes and businesses for shelter from the cold and scraps to feed on. This means that the most important way to get rid of rats is to remove the factors that could have attracted them to your home. Clearing out any clutter to eliminate hiding places is a great first step. Rats will also nest in your home if they have access to sustenance in your kitchen or your garbage, so keeping your food and garbage sealed can drive them out as well. 

Using Homemade Rat Traps

You have to be extra careful not to expose yourself to rats directly when trying to remove them from your property on your own. Having rats in your home can lead to the spread of hantavirus, salmonella, and more dangerous diseases. What’s more, many poison-based traps can expose your family to harmful chemicals. Our recommended homemade rat trap is the bucket method. Lean a ramp against a bucket with peanut butter inside in your problem area. The rat will climb up, fall in, and not be able to escape due to the slippery walls. 

Getting Rid of Rats for Good in Florida

Rats can be very difficult to get rid of on your own. Especially if you’re wondering how to get rid of burrowing rats, many homemade rat trap ideas you’ll find online fall short of doing the trick. At this point, you should leave the work to professional rodent control specialists. At Florida Pest Control, we have 75 years of rodent removal experience under our belts and use only the safest and most effective methods.

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