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Is Termite Treatment Covered by Insurance in Florida?

Most homeowners’ insurance policies work to protect you against unexpected costs due to disasters. With that in mind, many assume that their insurance policy will cover termite treatments. Unfortunately, insurance agencies very rarely cover termite-related costs in Florida and nationwide. 

The bad news is that insurance companies consider termites to be a preventable problem. While insurance doesn’t cover termite treatment, you can take other measures to protect your property from termite problems, including something called a termite bond.

Is Termite Treatment Covered By Insurance | Florida Pest Control

Am I Covered For Termite Infestations?

Property damage as a result of termites is something that usually happens over a long period of time rather than suddenly, which is typically the case if your home becomes damaged by a fire or storm. For this reason, insurance agencies rarely cover termite-related costs. Even though your insurance likely will not cover preventative termite treatment, you should not let that stop you from investing in regular service from a professional pest control company. Some companies also offer termite bonds that can provide you with protection that your insurance policy cannot.

Termite Treatment Costs When Buying a Home

If you are planning on buying or selling your Florida home that has had a termite problem, you may be wondering who is responsible for the costs of treatment. The following outlines how the process typically works:

  • The property seller is almost always responsible for paying for termite inspections.
  • If past or present termite activity is found, the seller is usually also responsible for covering treatment either up-front or in closing costs.
  • The buyer of the property is typically responsible for anything considered to be termite prevention moving forward.

Do I Need a Termite Bond in Florida?

With insurance not an option for termite coverage, many pest control companies offer something called a “termite bond”. In most termite bonds, the pest control company will pay for any damage caused by termites. The hope is that with regular treatment and prevention made possible by the termite bond, termite infestations will not become an issue. To learn more about this option, the team at Florida Pest Control can help!

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