Wasp infestation to an old recliner - keep pests away from your home with florida pest control

Wasps, such as yellowjackets, sometimes make their nests in the strangest of places! Depending on the species, they may nest in the ground, in the trees or anywhere in between. This increases the danger associated with them – you never know when you might suddenly come across one of their nests!

In August 2014, our Winter Haven office came to the rescue of an elderly woman who had yellowjackets nesting in her recliner, of all places! Fortunately the recliner was outside, but it still presented an extreme hazard to anyone or anything that might disturb it. As evidence, a cat had jumped onto the recliner days before it was treated and was stung to death by the wasps!

Led by Vice President Chad Frowick and Branch Manager Westly Bass, Team Winter Haven performed a thorough inspection of the nest area and developed their treatment plan. As wasps tend to be less active in the early morning and evening, they decided the best time to treat would be before dawn, when the wasps would still be in their nest. Treating the nest, itself, would be quite a challenge for the team. As you can see in the photo above, the nest protruded from inside the recliner. What you can’t see is the rest of the nest, which was underneath the home!

In order to keep safety a top priority during the treatment process, onlookers were kept at a distance and bee suits were worn by the applicators. These suits prevent stings from bees and wasps by encapsulating the wearer. Unfortunately, sometimes the insects still find a way to get in one last sting! Despite the hazards associated with treating the nest, our applicators faced it head-on and saved the day!

If you have a problem with stinging insects or other pests of concern, please contact us! We feel the safety of you and your loved ones is of the utmost importance!

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