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When the weather is warm, we all want to go out, be adventurous, soak up some sun and enjoy the great outdoors. But when the weather is warm and especially rainy, it’s also when some of our most common bugs come out to play. We’re going to talk about the 5 most common bugs you’ll find this season so you can learn how to protect yourself against them.


There are over 80 species of ticks in the US alone, and they can cause serious illnesses such as Lyme disease. They appear commonly on your pets so it’s good to have them treated and to carry tick repellent with you when staying outside for a long time.


Fleas are most prevalent during the spring and summer, and with Florida’s warm climate year-round, they thrive. The hotter it gets, the more they become a problem in your home, so it is best to take care of them early on. Just like ticks, you can find these on your pets, so it’s best to treat them right away and frequently.


If you live in Florida, even if your home is as clean as possible, these pesky little creatures are quick to invade at the sight of the smallest crumb. Although there are numerous types of ants, the most common you will find include Carpenter ants, Red Imported Fire ants, Big-headed ants, and Rover ants.


Just like us, roaches don’t like to be outside when it’s too wet or dry, too hot or cold. When we have extremes in weather, you will most likely see one of these 6-legged menaces in your home. In the case of larger outdoor roaches, making sure gaps and cracks in your home are sealed will help to keep them from entering uninvited.


Every year, termites cause over $1 billion worth of damage to homes across the US by eating parts of them! The 2 main types of termites that damage homes are the Drywood termite and Subterranean termite. Drywood termites can live their entire lives inside wood whereas Subterranean termites generally need some contact with the ground.

If at any point you find yourself having a problem controlling these or any other pests, be sure to give us a call. We’ll send one of our experts out to your property and help you get rid of the problem once and for all.

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