Around the holidays, people begin digging out their festive ornaments and Varied Carpet Beetle Larvawarm winter wear. Unfortunately, there is a group of pests they may encounter that will put a damper on the yuletide cheer. These pests aren’t grinches, scrooges or humbugs; they are fabric damaging insects. The main culprits are carpet beetle and clothes moth larvae, which can damage natural fibers with their feeding. Wool sweaters, oriental carpets and down comforters are just some items that may become these pests’ next meal.

Varied Carpet BeetleCarpet beetle and clothes moth larvae prefer to hide in the darkness. Oftentimes, these elusive creatures are first noticed when their damage is observed. Jagged holes or scraped areas may be seen in fabrics or other items composed of natural fibers, raising a red flag that an unwanted guest has made it their dinner. Upon further investigation, more signs of the pest’s activity can be found. Skin casts, cocoons or webbing can help to indicate which insect is the culprit.

Sanitation is the best fix for preventing a serious issue with these pests. Before storing away items susceptible to attack, they should be laundered, then sealed in plastic bags or tubs. Areas under furniture, by baseboards, etc., should be vacuumed regularly to reduce the amount of dust, animal hair, lint and organic debris present.

In the event you encounter an infestation of carpet beetles or clothes moths, along with sanitation practices, the use of certain pest control products can also be effective in gaining control. Let us help you have a bug-free holiday.