Balaustium MitesImagine walking outside and witnessing thousands of tiny, red, fasting moving dots on your sidewalk, driveway and even the exterior walls of your house.  That would be a little unnerving, wouldn’t you think? 

This is an event that takes place almost every Spring and early Summer in many locations throughout Florida.  At this point you may be saying to yourself, “Yeah, that happened at my house a few years ago.  What could they be?  Are they Clover mites?  Are they Spider mites?  Maybe we’re being invaded by Bird mites and the itching is going to last for days!”  Nope, it’s none of those.  What we’re dealing with here is an Erythraeid mite from the genus Balaustium.  Some call them Balaustium mites. 

These are actually beneficial, eight legged creatures that prey on other mites, small insects and pollen…Yes, pollen!  If you suffer from pollen allergies each Spring, you may come to appreciate these little red dots.  You may also see them on your ornamental shrubs, especially around the anthers of flowers.

Balaustium mites are commonly seen April through May.  Under the right conditions, you might even see them as early as February.  There are some records showing activity as late as October through December, as well.

The control of these beneficial mites is not usually needed, because they’re only seen in large numbers for a short while.  If they invade the interior of your home; however, control may become necessary.  At that time, contact us. We can help!