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Cut the grass and drain any standing water.
Tallgrass provides a shady haven for many types of insects. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, which hatch after only 24-48 hours.

Instead of decorating with flowers, which can attract stinging insects, try decorating with herbs such as rosemary and sage. Many insects do not like the smell of these herbs, so they act as a natural repellent.

Use a natural insect repellent. Cinnamon, clove, peppermint, and garlic oil may be effective for keeping ants away. Many people also say that dryer sheets can be an effective repellent for insects. Just rub down the table and chair legs with the dryer sheets or place them on the counter where ants are likely to travel on their way to food.

If possible, serve food and drinks indoors. If yours is an outdoors-only event, use containers with lids or mesh covers. By leaving food outside uncovered, you are giving nearby insects a compelling reason to crash your party in force. If you serve your food inside, the scent will travel less and be harder for them to detect. If you would prefer to serve food outdoors, you can use containers with lids or purchase mesh covers that will prevent bugs from being able to chow down.

Keep garbage and empty drink bottles in a bin (with a lid) away from guests to help keep yellowjackets, ants, and flies from buzzing around. One’s trash is a yellow jacket’s treasure! Yellowjackets love garbage, particularly tossed out meats and sugary substances.

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