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Bed bugs don’t live on animals or pets like fleas do, meaning cats and dogs don’t carry or spread them. However, bed bugs can infest pet beds. Even though pets don’t spread bed bugs, they can still get bitten by these pests. Some important pet-related bed bug facts are: 

  • Bed Bugs Don’t Live on Pets: Unlike fleas, bed bugs do not live on animals or pets. 
  • Pets Don’t Spread Bed Bugs: Cats and dogs do not carry or spread bed bugs. 
  • Pet Beds Can Be Infested: Bed bugs can infest pet beds and sleeping areas. 
  • Bed Bug Bites on Pets: While bed bugs primarily feed on human blood, they will bite pets if no human host is available. 
  • Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites on Pets: Pets bitten by bed bugs may exhibit signs of itching, redness, and irritability.

Will Bed Bugs Hurt Your Pet?

Bed bugs can bite pets, but they typically prefer humans as their primary hosts. When bed bugs do bite pets, such as cats or dogs, it can cause discomfort, itching, and irritation. However, bed bugs do not live on pets or infest their fur like fleas or ticks do. If your pet is showing signs of bed bug bites, such as excessive scratching or red, irritated skin, it’s important to inspect their bedding and sleeping areas for signs of an infestation. To ensure your pet’s comfort and well-being, it’s crucial to address any bed bug infestation promptly by contacting a professional bed bug exterminator.

Can Dogs Get Bed Bugs Outside?

For the most part, dogs cannot acquire bed bugs outdoors. Bed bugs generally cannot survive outside, except for rare cases. Therefore, if your neighbor has a bed bug infestation, you need not worry about your dog picking them up during your daily walk or in your backyard. Bed bugs typically spread from one property to another by hitching a ride on items such as purses or suitcases. Unlike fleas, bed bugs do not latch onto your dog or cat in the same manner, making outdoor transmission of bed bugs to pets highly unlikely.

How to Protect Your Pets from Bed Bugs in Florida

When dealing with bed bugs, it’s crucial to inspect your pet’s bedding as well. Treat it like your own bedding by washing it in hot water and drying it with heat to eliminate any bed bugs or eggs. However, it’s advisable to hire a bed bug exterminator to thoroughly eradicate the infestation. During professional treatment, it’s best to remove your pet from the premises. Your exterminator will also provide guidance on necessary precautions to safeguard your pet after treatment.

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