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The resurgence of bed bugs in the 1990s has put everyone at risk of an infestation. Places like hotels, schools, dorms, office buildings, and movie theaters are high-risk environments where these pests are often found. The people who are most susceptible to bed bug infestations include:

  • Frequent Travelers: Those who often stay in hotels, motels, or other temporary accommodations.
  • Residents of Multi-Unit Buildings: People living in apartments, condos, or dormitories where infestations can easily spread between units.
  • Students: College students living in dormitories or shared housing.
  • Second-Hand Shoppers: Those who frequently buy or acquire used furniture, clothing, or other items that may harbor bed bugs.
  • Vacationers: Travelers who stay in vacation rentals, cabins, or other short-term accommodations.

The Risk of Bed Bugs in Hotels

With the increase in global travel, bed bugs have become a more common problem in hotels. These establishments are prime locations for bed bug infestations because the insects have a steady supply of hosts to feed on. Even if a room is vacant for a day or two, bed bugs can easily migrate to nearby rooms, quickly turning one infested room into an infested hotel. 

To avoid bringing bed bugs home from a hotel, it’s essential to research and read reviews before booking. Once you arrive, inspect the mattress and furniture for any signs of bed bugs. Additionally, store your suitcase off the ground or in the bathtub, where bed bugs are less likely to reach it.

Bed Bugs and Dorm Rooms

Dorm rooms, much like hotels, are a favorite spot for bed bugs. With numerous individuals living in one building, these pests can rapidly infest student housing units. College students have enough on their plates without dealing with bed bugs, so it’s crucial to report any early signs of infestation immediately. Before storing their suitcase at home for holidays or summer breaks, make sure your college student’s luggage is thoroughly cleaned.

Why Anyone Can Get Bed Bugs

No place is safe from bed bugs as they will infest anywhere they can find a meal. They can survive for an entire year without feeding, making them particularly resilient. These opportunistic insects will travel to new areas and start new infestations. Even if you think you’re safe, it’s essential to know the signs of bed bugs and take steps to prevent them. If you have any concerns or questions about bed bugs, it’s important to contact a professional bed bug exterminator.

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