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Professional bed bug treatments can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never had one before. While your technician will walk you through what to expect and how to prepare, it can be helpful to have an overview ahead of time. From getting ready for an appointment to aftercare questions, here’s what most bed bug treatments look like.

Preparing for a Bed Bug Treatment

To get the best results possible, your technician may ask you to take a couple of steps before they arrive at your home. These steps are designed to protect your belongings and give the professionals access to any area they may need to treat. Some things you may be asked to do in preparation include:

  • Removing bedding and other fabrics from your rooms. 
  • Picking up personal items on the floor or furniture. 
  • Putting away food or dishes. 
  • Taking items off shelves or out of drawers. 
  • Laundering clothing in extremely hot water. 
  • Moving furniture away from the walls to expose baseboards. 

Do I Have to Leave My Home During a Bed Bug Treatment?

While it depends on the exact type of treatment you’re receiving, you and your pets will likely need to leave the house during a bed bug appointment for several hours. This allows the technicians the time they need to thoroughly treat your home and allows the products they use to dissipate before you return. When you return home, you may notice a slight odor, but you can open doors and windows to enhance ventilation and get rid of it quicker. 

How Long Do Bed Bug Appointments Take?

The time it takes largely depends on how severe the infestation is, how much of your home is affected, and how large your house is. That said, most sessions take between one and three hours to complete. The rest of the time that you’re out of the house is to let the bed bug spray dissipate.

How Many Bed Bug Treatments Do I Need?

Most minimal infestations can be taken care of with just one bed bug treatment. Severe infestations, on the other hand, may need as many as three or four appointments. Following the treatment, your technician should discuss things like aftercare or follow-up inspections to ensure the infestation is truly gone.

Do I Have to Throw Away Food After a Bed Bug Infestation?

No, you don’t generally need to throw away food after dealing with bed bugs. These insects only feed on blood, so they aren’t going to be interested in anything going on in the kitchen. The only reason why you may need to get rid of food afterward is if it came into direct contact with the products used to kill bed bugs. However, that shouldn’t be an issue with proper preparation before your treatment. 

Should I Throw Away My Mattress After Bed Bugs?

A lot of people assume that they should get rid of their mattress after having bed bugs, but doing so is actually discouraged. If you still have an infestation, getting rid of the mattress won’t solve your problem—instead, it may just make it easier for the insects to spread to a new home. And, following a professional treatment, all of your furniture should be perfectly safe to keep.

Is Professional Bed Bug Removal Worth It?

Professional bed bug removal can be an intense process, but that’s because these insects are incredibly persistent and difficult to get rid of. Expert services are designed to eliminate them as quickly as possible so you can get peace of mind, and it’s often much easier than battling an infestation for weeks or months on end. 

If you have additional questions or want to learn more about how professional bed bug control works, feel free to contact the team at Florida Pest Control – we’re always happy to help.

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