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Bed Bug Treatment

Have a bed bug bite? You don’t necessarily have to deal with pain and itchiness the whole time it heals. From anti-itch creams to all-natural DIY treatments, there are some steps you can take to find fast relief.

Person applying itch cream to an arm - Florida Pest Control, Gainesville FL

It is always recommended to get professional help from a pest control company to make sure that you can get rid of bed bugs completely. Some of the removal methods include insecticides, steam treatments, and heat treatments.

Found bed bugs in your room? Your first instinct might be to carry all your clothes and bedding down to the laundry room and start treating the problem on your own. However, the wrong approach could just make the problem worse. Here’s what every homeowner should know about getting rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs don’t always infest carpets. When they do, it’s important to thoroughly vacuum your carpets and rugs several times. Also, take caution in throwing away vacuum cleaner bags.

If you’re considering professional bed bug removal, you probably want to know how the process works and what you can do to prepare. From cleaning your home beforehand to settling back in afterward, here’s what to expect with a bed bug treatment.