We may not be in the clear regarding cold temperatures, but it never hurts to plan ahead when preparing your lawn for the springtime. An important part of getting a lawn ready for its growing season is core aeration. We perform this service during the turf’s growing season (March through October in most of our service locations).

The process of core aeration involves extracting plugs of soil from the lawn. There are many benefits to core aeration, such as:

  • It allows water, oxygen and nutrients (such as fertilizer) to move easily down to the root zone.
  • It reduces compaction which helps the roots to grow deeper and thicker, increasing the health and vigor of the turfgrass.
  • It reduces excess thatch. Thatch is a layer of organic material between the grass blades and the soil. When it becomes excessive, it can promote pest issues.

As you can see, anyone interested in having a healthy stand of turfgrass should have this service performed, especially in conjunction with a fertilizer application. The benefits speak for themselves! Contact us if you’d like to have your lawn aerated in the spring.