Freeze Damage and Your Florida Lawn

Probably the last thing on our minds is replacing our Florida lawn because of freeze damage. Here are some tips that may prevent, or at least reduce, winter damage to your Florida lawn.

Your lawn may go completely dormant and turn brown, depending on what part of the state you live in.  However, the roots are still active and require some winter care.

If leaves are falling from your trees, be sure to rake them. The leaves will cover the turf and trap in cold air during a freeze, not allowing the roots to warm up as the temperature rises above freezing. The leaves can also restrict moisture from reaching the soil for the roots to take advantage of. You can see why raking the leaves is so important.

Let’s not forget about the watering needs of your lawn:

  • Continue to water your lawn throughout the winter. Water requirements are ¾” every 14 days during the winter.
  • Be aware of upcoming freezing temperatures when watering your lawn. All watering should be completed 24 hours before a freeze.
  • Watering your lawn during a freeze could damage the entire lawn!

Also, routine mowing of your lawn at maximum height will prevent many winter weeds from producing seeds, so don’t put up that mower yet!

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