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What Types of Lawn Pests Live in Florida?

Knowing the kind of pest you have is really useful. When you know the specific type, it’s simpler to create a plan to deal with it. To help you figure out which species is causing the issue, here are some of the most usual lawn pests in the Florida region and how to recognize them:

Chinch Bugs

[City] has more grub worms compared to many other places in the United States. Although these pests are small, they can harm your lawn rapidly due to their short lifespan and highly destructive larval stage. Having too many grub worms can also bring in animals like gophers or moles to your yard. You might have grub worms if you see:

  • Brown patches in circular or irregular shapes
  • Thinning grass, particularly in late summer
  • Cream-colored insects with small, round bodies
  • Grass with shallow roots that peels easily
What Types Of Lawn Pests Live In Florida in Gainesville FL


Armyworms are a group of caterpillar larvae belonging to various moth species, known for their destructive feeding habits and the tendency to move in large groups, giving rise to their name. They can vary in color from light green to dark brown or nearly black, often featuring stripes or patterns along their sides. The head is usually darker than the rest of the body.

Armyworm infestations can cause serious damage to your lawn over time. Some early signs of an infestation include thinning grass, brown patches, and increased bird activity on your property. You might also notice adult moths flying around your yard, especially in the evening.

Mole Crickets

Mole crickets have a unique and somewhat unsettling look. They have big heads that resemble a lobster’s and clawed front arms that stick out like a mole’s. The lower part of their body looks like a regular cricket, and they can reach up to 2 inches in length.

These unusual creatures typically live underground, where they create extensive tunnels. Mole crickets can harm your lawn by harming the roots, making the grass turn brown and die. They are usually found in lawns that are overwatered.

Fire Ants

Many people in Florida are no stranger to the dreaded fire ants. These pests are small and reddish brown or black in color with a distinctive, copper-colored head. However, they’re most famous for their territorial behavior and ability to deliver painful stings, which can leave behind visible welts. 

Fire ants can damage plants by feeding on seeds, flowers, and the tender parts of plants. They may also protect aphids, scale insects, or other plant-damaging pests in exchange for their honeydew, further harming your garden. In addition to lawn damage, they can pose a threat to your safety – especially if you have pets or small children that regularly play in the lawn.

What to Do If You Have Lawn Pests

Dealing with a lawn pest problem can be tough, especially when it takes over your entire yard. If you think your grass is infested with pests or facing other issues, it’s a good idea to reach out to a lawn care expert without delay. Professionals can quickly figure out the problem and work with you to make a personalized plan to restore your grass to good health in no time.

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