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Do DIY mouse traps work?

The classic snapping mouse trap is universally recognized and often thought of soon after we discover mice in our house. But did you know that there are other options for homemade mouse traps that are simple to assemble? The type of mouse trap that you should be using depends on the scope and size of your infestations, so it’s important to assess your options. It’s important to remember that DIY mouse traps do work, but only if made and applied correctly. 

Do DIY mouse traps work; Florida Pest Control Rodent Exterminators

Options for Homemade Mouse Traps

Besides the regular baited snapping mouse traps, there are a number of ways you can capture mice that are living in your home. One of the most popular ways is the ramp and bucket maneuver. Lead a ramp up to a bucket with some peanut butter either below or spread on a cylindrical beam of any sort across the empty lid space. The mouse will attempt to get to the peanut butter and fall into the bucket, unable to climb out. Similar strategies involve placing bait in bottles or under bowls attached to wires that trigger a trapping mechanism.

Dangers of Poison-Based Mouse Traps

There are many mouse baiting products that you can purchase in stores containing harmful chemicals. The purpose of mouse and rat poison is to kill rodents through toxicity, but these products are also toxic to humans. They are unsafe to be used around children and pets and directly harmful to adults when handled incorrectly. If you feel the need to turn to a last resort mouse control option, it is always safer to have professional rodent control technicians assess your situation. 

Most Reliable way to trap mice

Not only are professional mouse control processes safer than DIY mouse trap and bait options, they are more effective, as well. Homemade mouse traps simply do not come with the touch and expertise of a pest control technician trained to conduct thorough inspections and exhaustive mouse removal. To hear more about how Florida Pest Control can help, contact our team today.

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