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Are rat bait stations safe?

Rat bait stations are one of the most commonly chosen options for rodent removal inside homes and businesses in Florida. A rodent bait station makes use of a toxic bait to lure rats into a small and enclosed area, within which they are poisoned and die. Sometimes, rodents will even bring the bait back to their nest, poisoning other rats inside the home. Although effective, rat bait stations aren’t entirely safe when set without the help of a professional rodent control technician.

Are rat bait stations safe; Florida Pest Control Rodent Exterminators

How do rat bait stations work?

Rat bait stations work by luring rats in with the promise of food. There will be a bait placed inside that looks and smells like rat food, but actually contains chemicals that are toxic to rats and mice. The rat that comes upon the bait will either eat it there or bring it back to their nest, eliminating more rats. It takes a day or two after ingestion for the rat to die. 

The Downsides of Rat Bait Stations

Rat bait stations are dangerous because of the toxic chemicals contained in the bait. Coming into contact with the bait itself could lead to an accidental poisoning—the bait is toxic to both rats and humans upon ingestion. When you decide to use a rat bait station, you have to be extra careful to keep the bait stored where children and pets cannot possibly get to it. 

Another downside to rodent bait traps is their effectiveness. Although they are very effective when discovered, rats don’t always come across them. You have to know the right places to leave them. 

Professional Alternatives to Rodent Bait Stations

To avoid the dangers associated with DIY rat poison application, you can always count on your local pest control company. Whether it is through assistance with the placement of bait stations or through more targeted, non-toxic rodent control approaches, professional rodent removal experts can always take care of a rat infestation safely and efficiently. 

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