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Florida is no stranger to bats, with 13 species that call our state home either on a seasonal or year-round basis. All of the native Floridian bats are insectivores, but that doesn’t mean you want them taking up residence in your property. Though the natural roosting sites for most of these bats tend to be in caves or in the hollows of trees, when it gets cold they will look for a warmer place to roost – and manmade buildings are prime real estate. But what are the major signs of bats in Florida properties, and who can you call to treat their presence in your home or business?

Sunrise, Sunset Sightings

Since bats are nocturnal, you aren’t going to see them flying around in the middle of the afternoon. They’re out in the dusk and dawn, and if you see one the odds are good of others being nearby. With that being said, if you’ve noticed bats around your property in the early morning or evening, there’s a real possibility that they might be circling around your attic as homebase. The same applies if you find dead or dying bats around your property.

Dropped Droppings

This is by far the easiest and most unpleasant sign of bats in Florida. Bat droppings, or guano, accumulate quickly around the entry point of a bat infestation. They’re dark-colored and pebbly, and they carry a very strong smell akin to ammonia. You may also find them inside, gathered on insulation and in the corners of the attic, or they may be outdoors on any decks, porches or windowsills on your property.

Chirping Commotion

It’s common knowledge that bats echolocate to help them see. The same small chirps that function as their sonar are also used to communicate throughout the night. These sounds will be most active when the bats are active, meaning from sunset to sunrise. And, while bats are silent flyers, if they get stuck in some part of your home’s interior they will scratch and slam against the drywall to try and get out. If you’ve been hearing lots of chirping, fluttering and scratching inside your walls or above you, especially at night, the odds are good that you have a bat infestation.

Got Grease?

A little-known fact about bats in Florida is that their skin excretes a dark, resin-like grease. That means that, wherever they squeeze in to make their way into your property, they’ll leave a stain around the entry point. You might find these marks along your roof, walls and other crannies around the building. This is something that’s completely unique to bats as opposed to rodents and other larger pests.

Repeat Offenders

Bats, like most humans, are creatures of habit. Have you had a bat infestation in the past? Did you do anything to treat it? If you’ve had bats before, even if you successfully removed them, if you didn’t take care of how they got in they will likely come back next season. They might even choose to nest their yearly pups in the corner of your attic or chimney. This is all avoidable if you find an exterminator that can safely get bats out and keep them out.

Bat Control for Homes and Businesses

If you have bats on your Florida property, it’s easy to think you have nowhere to turn. Bats are protected animals, after all, and attempting to handle them yourself can be messy in more ways than one. Florida Pest Control specializes in the humane removal of both seasonal and year-round bat varieties, and after we relocate the infestation in your attic, we can take the proper exclusion efforts to keep more from getting in. Bats in Florida aren’t known for attacking, but they carry disease and bacteria, and while they’re good for the ecosystem they have no place in your home or business. So, if you have a bat infestation you need taken care of, trust Florida Pest Control for bat control and removal.

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