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Termites. They’ve inhabited the planet for over 50 million years. And while they play a crucial role in the ecosystem, they can be incredibly destructive to buildings.

Termites feast on dead plant material, most commonly wood, a staple in home construction in most parts of the world including Florida. It’s been calculated that termites cause up to $5 billion in damage every year.

Termites invade buildings because the wood frames and other cellulose-based fixtures are a feast for the entire colony. They feed non-stop and can go unnoticed in a home for years, chewing and destroying, before damage is evident. Termites are assured to cause sizeable, sometimes irreparable damage to a property if they are not eliminated.

Protecting your home from termites requires proactive measures.

Florida Pest Control has decades of experience preventing and controlling termites. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. If no infestation is found, we can recommend preventative measures to stop termites from invading your home in the future.

If we do find termites, we will assess the infestation and damage, and provide treatment options.

Visit our contact page today to schedule your no-cost inspection and estimate.

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