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How Much Does Termite Damage Cost to Repair in Florida?

Termite damage can be more costly to repair than any other pest-related damage. A serious termite infestation can put you out $3,000 or more in repair costs.

Mature termite colonies can cause serious damage to your home. It can cost several thousand dollars to repair if you wait too long. It is estimated that termites cause over $5 billion in damage every year here in the United States.

How Much Does Termite Damage Cost To Repair in Florida? - Florida Pest Control

Termite Damage Expenses

Thankfully, most termite infestations are found before serious damage has been caused. Small-scale termite infestations will be largely cosmetic and cost only a few hundred dollars. Termite infestations that last for around 5 years can cause structural damage in our homes. When this is the case, repair costs will be much higher.

Tiers of Termite Damage

  1. Minor damage: Termite damage can lead to discoloration in your walls and floors. Their tunneling can cause bending and buckling in your hardwood floors and problems in your sheetrock like discoloration and paint chipping. Cosmetic damage of these sorts usually only costs a few hundred dollars to repair.
  2. Structural or property damage: When termites tunnel through the structures of your home, the damage will take a lot more time and money to repair. While each situation needs its own assessment, homeowners usually pay at least a few thousand dollars for structural repairs.

Termite Treatment and Prevention Costs

Termites are a widely feared pest because of how expensive repair costs can become during an infestation. Knowing the right steps to take during a termite infestation is crucial—you have to be proactive about termite prevention. The best way to avoid spending thousands of dollars on termite damage repairs is to invest in routine preventative services by teaming up with a professional termite control company.

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