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Termite Damage

Termites are infamous for their ability to cause extensive damage. A mature termite colony that has been active for several years can cause serious structural damage to properties with primarily wooden structures.

How Much Damage Can Termites Cause In Florida? | Florida Pest Control

Sagging ceilings, damaged wood, peeling paint, hollow-sounding walls, and distressed support beams are all signs that termites have been active in a home. 

Property owners might have to pay several thousand dollars to repair damages caused in a termite infestation. Minor damages might only cost a few hundred dollars.

A professional pest control expert can complete a WDI inspection during the buying or selling stage of the home buying process. This report will determine the presence of termites, whether active or past.

Termites can damage anything wooden inside or outside of your home. This could mean support beams, woodpiles, outdoor furniture, decks, walls, and more. 

It is safe to buy a home with a history of termite damage as long as there aren’t active termites on the property. A WDI report can help you look into a property’s history.

If you’re dealing with a termite infestation, you should hire a professional contractor to help you determine how to fix any wood damage.

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