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What Are The Costs of Termite Prevention in Florida?

The cost of termite prevention services are almost always worth it. This is because the costs you’d pay after a serious termite infestation can be very high.

Expenses involved with termite prevention vary depending on how often you need service and what type of treatment may be used and how often inspections occur. The costs of investing in termite prevention services will always be less expensive than paying for any damage that was caused by a serious termite problem.

What Are The Costs Of Termite Prevention | Florida Pest Control

Cost of Preventative Termite Inspections

Inspections are one of the best ways to prevent termites in your home. Most pest control companies recommend getting annual inspections to prevent termites. Thankfully, inspections aren’t typically pricey: In Florida, the cost of inspections ranges from $75 to about $150.

Some pest control companies may offer termite bonds, in which the customer pays a fee to have termite-related services on a regular basis. Although these preventative costs are upfront, they will save you money in the long run as you continually prevent termite infestations.

Termite Service Costs in Florida

The costs associated with termite-related services vary on a number of factors. The main factors include the type of treatment needed as well as how serious the infestation is. Some companies will charge per linear foot or square foot that must be inspected. There are several factors that go into the cost, including the size of the property, the geographical location, the treatment that may be required, as well as the maturity or severity of the termite infestation.

Is Termite Prevention a Necessary Cost?

Compared to other types of pest infestations, termites are by far the most expensive. A single termite infestation, when serious, can put property owners back thousands of dollars to repair structural problems. Investing in termite prevention methods and regular inspections from Florida Pest Control is a cost-effective way to keep termites away from your home in Florida.

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