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Termite Prevention

The key to preventing termites in your home is to work with a professional termite control company. A termite exterminator pinpoints early signs of termite activity.

Termite rpevention in Florida - Florida Pest Control

To prevent termites naturally, some choose orange oil or diatomaceous earth. While natural termite prevention may repel termites, they won’t get rid of termites.

Builders can team with a pest control company to treat the soil and lumber when building a new home. This works to prevent termites in all new properties.

Termite prevention costs are always less than the costs of dealing with an infestation. Regular preventative services are worth saving you the frustration!

To prevent termites in your Florida lawn or yard, remove decaying wood, repair your deck, and store lumber off the ground and away from the home.

To stop termites from spreading, it’s important to contact a termite exterminator as soon as you notice any signs of activity in your home.

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