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How Do I Get a WDI Report in Florida?

A wood-destroying insect report (WDI report) is a crucial part of the home buying process here in Florida. This report determines the presence of termites or other wood-destroying insects in a given property as discerned by a pest control company.

It’s important to obtain a WDI report from your local pest professionals when buying or selling a home. This report will expose vulnerabilities that could lead to future infestations as well as discover any active termites living in the home.

How Do I Get A WDI Report in Florida? - Florida Pest Control

What is a WDI Report?

When you have a WDI inspection conducted in Florida, a pest expert will make sure that your entire home or business is assessed for signs of wood-destroying insects. While these inspections are mostly centered around checking for termites, certain beetles and ants will also be reported if they are found. A professional pest control company can also tell if your property has been treated or has had an active infestation before. 

How does a WDI Inspection Work?

  1. A trained, professional pest control technician will complete your inspection. All potential problem areas will be assessed for signs of wood-destroying insects.
  2. Your technician will look for signs of past activity and possible vulnerabilities.
  3. Any open wooden structures, like decks and porches, will be pored over. Places that aren’t accessible without causing damage, like inside certain walls, beneath carpets, and more, might have to be passed over.
  4. The report will be created and will show you whether or not wood-destroying insects are present or have been before. It will also show the likelihood of a future infestation.

Are WDI Reports Mandated in Florida?

WDI reports are required in many states. You would not want to purchase a new home without being sure that there are no termites present, so WDI reports are a crucial element to the home buying process. At Florida Pest Control, our termite experts are able to provide quick and complete assessments and WDI inspections.

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