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How Do You Fix Termite Damage?

If a termite infestation has caused a serious amount of damage to your property, you should hire a professional to fix it before the problem gets any worse. Termites can weaken the structural integrity of your home, which is very dangerous.

Fixing termite damage to wooden structures in your home can be risky, especially in cases of extensive damage. More minor damage can be taken care of with DIY methods. However, it is recommended to consult a professional for help.

How Do You Fix Termite Damage in Florida? - Florida Pest Control

How to Repair Termite Damage On Your Own

You might not have a lot of visible damage after a termite infestation, but this doesn’t mean that your walls aren’t torn up on the inside. Because of this, you should always hire a professional termite expert to inspect the inside of your walls and other hard-to-access places on your property. When the structural pieces of your home are involved, the DIY repair strategies that can help with minor infestations will fall short of providing you the longevity and security that you need from your home.

Fixing Termite Wood Damage

Termites leave wood that they’ve tunneled through hollow and damaged. These are the most common ways to fix their damage:

  1. Wood hardeners: These can fill holes or gaps in minimally damaged wood to restore its strength.
  2. Wood sealants: Sealants can cut off the air supply to any termites left in damaged wood.
  3. Wood fillers: This is an efficient way of filling cracks in damaged wood.

Can Termites Destroy Your Home?

A very mature termite colony that has been living in your home for many years is able to cause irreparable property damage. However, this is rare. The good news is that the vast majority of homes with termite infestations can be restored through the work of a professional.

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