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Are Termite Treatments Safe?

When you work with a professional pest control expert, you can trust the termite treatments used are safe for you and your family. Most termite treatments used today use the best technology possible to keep you safe from infestations.

Trying to treat termites on your own can be harmful, making it important to make sure you work with a trained pest control expert.

Are Termite Treatments Safe? | Florida Pest Control

How Effective Are Termite Treatments?

If you have termites, you likely want to be using the best possible treatments available to you. Both liquid termite treatments and fumigation are very effective in controlling and preventing infestations. A few of the advantages of liquid termiticides include the fact that they allow for targeted treatment without harm to your landscape. Liquid treatments are also low-odor and extremely long-lasting. 

Fumigation exterminates any termites present in a building during the time of treatment. It is the most preferred treatment for dry wood termites and wood-boring beetles and typically has a very high success rate. Although fumigation is typically more inconvenient in that it requires families to vacate their property, it is often used as a last resort to get rid of termites.

Safest Termite Treatment Options

When you work with a professional termite exterminator, you can trust the treatment will be safe. Your professional will also help prepare you to ensure the treatment is completely safe for you, your family, and your property.

  • Liquid Termiticides: Liquid termite treatments are considered very safe. This is because the treatment is applied by a professional and is targeted only in areas where the treatment is needed. Once dry, liquid treatments pose no threat to your pets or any living creatures besides insects. These types of treatments are considered safe and are favored for their long-term effectiveness.
  • Fumigation: Before fumigation begins, you will be instructed to make arrangements to have all people, pets, and plants removed from the home. The property will be completely covered and sealed using tarps. A chemical gas will be safely administered and under surveillance. After the treatment, no one will be permitted to enter the building until our certified fumigators have deemed it completely safe.

What is the Best Termite Treatment in Florida?

To get rid of termites, it’s simply best to work with your local termite control experts. At Florida Pest Control, our highly trained professionals will work to apply termite treatment in a manner that is not only safe, but also highly effective and long-lasting.

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