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Termite Treatment

There are two reliable termite treatment options: fumigation and liquid termiticides. Both are highly effective at controlling and preventing termites.

Two of the main types of termite treatment include fumigation and liquid termiticides. | Florida Pest Control

The key to keeping termites away is to have a treatment plan in place. Termite treatment is recommended as soon as you discover termites in your home.

Due to the strength of certain types of termite treatment, other bugs may be affected. Insects killed by termite treatment include beetles, ants, and more.

It’s rare for an insurance agency to cover any termite-related costs, especially termite treatments. Learn how termite bonds can cover you.

If you are working with a professional termite control company, you can trust that the treatments are completely safe for you and your family members.

While it depends on the type of treatment, your professional termite exterminator will determine how often and when your Florida property should be treated.

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