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When is Termite Season in Florida?

Unlike many pests, termites are fairly active all year round. Many people consider springtime to be the most damaging in terms of termites, as they often are visible swarming during the spring. However, termites will sometimes bunker down to escape the cold during the winter.

Because termites are active all year, they can affect our homes and businesses in any season. Even though termites are less active in the cold, they can still take over your home. 

When is termite season in Florida - Florida Pest Control

Do Termites Like Warm Weather?

Termites are most comfortable in temperatures between 70 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Eastern subterranean termites also prefer wet climates, so we have the perfect conditions for them to thrive here in Florida. Termites usually swarm on warm, clear afternoons after recent rain. They make do during the winter by burrowing but are most active during the warmer seasons.

How Do Termites Survive through the Winter?

Termites are active year-round, even during the fall and winter. However, they are able to adapt to the cold weather to survive when needed:

  1. Termites seek out wood and soil during the fall for sources of food and shelter.
  2. Termites will dig deeper into the soil to avoid freezing. However, if they find their way into your home before winter, they will be just fine living in your walls. 
  3. The queen termite will produce eggs all year long.
  4. Although termites will be hard to find during the winter, they will remain active.

Are Termites Seasonal Pests?

Termites are a big pest issue throughout the year here in Florida. While they have demonstrated themselves to be in favor of the spring and summer, they will cause damage in your home all year long. Because they are a year-round threat, it is important to team up with a professional termite control company that can monitor your home regularly for termite activity.

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