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Drywood Termites

West Indian Drywood Termite SwarmerDid you know there is more than one type of termite that will damage your home?

  • Most homes are protected against Subterranean termites. However, they’re not protected against Drywood Termites.
  • This termite needs no contact with the soil.
  • They can swarm into your home and start their colonies directly in structural wood members, flooring, wood trim or even in wood furniture without requiring a soil connection.
  • Fumigation is the best control option when Drywood termites are found.
  • Florida Pest Control also offers guaranteed preventive treatments on qualified structures for peace of mind.

Drywood Fecal PelletsWe provide treatments that control a variety of wood destroying insects such as Drywood termites, Powderpost beetles, Old House borers, etc. We also offer a guaranteed preventive treatment for Drywood termites to qualifying homes. This application leaves a residual to keep Drywood termites from starting colonies in your home. There are substantial savings by treating preemptively. Treatment and property damage after an infestation are costly and inconvenient.

Protect your biggest investment today contact us for your “no obligation” Drywood termite inspection.