Fire Ants: Florida’s Red Menace

Fire ants made their way to Florida from South America in the 1930s, and have since laid claim to more than 260 million acres of land – stretching across most of the southeastern United States.

These small, yet powerful, insects bite and sting approximately 14 million people each year. And for those hypersensitive to bug stings, the venom from these ants can be life threatening.

Fire ant stings can be very painful, as they clamp down with their jaws to hold themselves in place and then sting multiple times.

Usually large and irregularly shaped, fire ant mounds should not be disturbed without proper preparation and care.

When threatened, these ferocious pests defend their mounds and colonies in swarms, biting and stinging any perceived attacker.

Florida Pest Control can provide you relief from these unwanted guests.

TopChoice® – a granular product made with the same ingredient found in Frontline and Termidor – is one of our most effective treatments to help you take your lawn back from the persistent fire ant. In fact, it’s so effective that Florida Pest Control offers a one-year guarantee on all properties treated with TopChoice®.

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