Florida frog on a bed of moss

This fall, the lizards are leaping and the frogs are hopping! There is a lot of frog and lizard activity being reported throughout Florida, and people are curious about what they can do about it. Here are a few suggestions to keep them from creeping you out, one way or another.

Try to remember, most lizards and frogs are beneficial. They eat insects and other small living things that many people would consider pests. Some say reducing insect pressure may help reduce frog and lizard pressure around your home, but it’s doubtful. Mind you, the diet of lizards and frogs is not exclusively insects, but if you’re desperate to see fewer creepy crawlers, you may want to try the following.

Turn off outdoor lights at night or use yellow bug lights. Keep curtains closed when lights are on inside. The idea behind this is to make your home less attractive to nighttime insects, and hopefully hungry frogs and lizards, as well.

Remove standing water outside as much as possible. Insects love water, and so do most frogs and lizards. Many frogs will seek out water to lay their eggs. By eliminating water sources on your property, it should make it less appealing for insects, frogs, and lizards. Remember to check your gutters. They may be clogged and holding water in them, as well.

People often ask if there is something that can be applied to make the frogs and lizards go away. Sorry to say, there is not. Even an insecticide application will probably not give significant results. As mentioned previously, insects are only a portion of the diet of lizards and frogs.

If lizards and frogs are getting into your home, they should be sealed out. Look for any small gaps and cracks that a frog or lizard could slink through. Check around exterior doors and windows. Garage doors seem to be exceptionally vulnerable to lizard and frog entry. By sealing your home from lizards and frogs, you will also be preventing most insects and rodents from barging into your home, as well.

Hopefully, some of the previous suggestions will help to give you relief from unwanted frogs and lizards. If not, there is a glimmer of hope! Winter is around the bend and their activity should diminish in the colder weather.

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